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Ambassador Guidelines

The goal of the ADAPT Community is to provide a supportive place for practitioners to discuss functional medicine, practice management, and their favorite ancestral health resources, and to offer a space where like-minded providers can network with one another. Ambassadors play a vital role in cultivating and maintaining a healthy and vibrant community forum.

The Ambassador Role

  • Curator: Post new comments, encourage conversation, improve the discussion, and reply to existing posts with answers or support.
  • Moderator: Monitor posts and flag those that fall outside of our community guidelines. Gently and respectfully help members to better understand the forum’s scope and purpose.
  • Ambassador: Model good behavior, foster a sense of safe community, and encourage member participation in the forum. Lead by example, engaging with members in a way that’s helpful, genuine, supportive, and shows a commitment to functional medicine.

Ambassador Commitment

  • You’re not just Ambassadors, but full-fledged members of the community, so we hope that you engage enthusiastically in the forum.
  • We ask that you spend at least 1 hour per week in the forum, visiting on 3-5 different days each week.
    • Post new topics several times a week. It can be about a piece of content in the Academy, or just something you’ve been wondering about and want to get other people’s feedback on. You can, of course, post in the private ADAPT Practitioner area, but please don’t post there exclusively—we want the rest of the forum to feel vibrant too!
    • Post replies to other people’s topics several times a week as well. Even if you don’t have a specific answer to someone’s question, you can still express encouragement or let them know that you’ve been wondering the same thing.
  • KI staff will monitor the volume of your posts from time to time. If you are going to be absent from the forum for more than 10 days, please do let us know by posting in the private Ambassador area of the Forum.
  • KI Staff may ask you to step down from your position as Ambassador if you:
    • Are inactive in the forum for long periods of time without explanation
    • Fail to follow the forum guidelines and/or instructions of the KI Staff
    • Fail to act in a kind and supportive manner with forum members

Ambassador Housekeeping

  • In order to try to maintain a certain level of quality of discussion, we ask that you strive to ensure that each post is:
    • Meaningful – says something of substance
    • Relevant – on topic and helpful, not generic advice
    • New – something that hasn’t already been said in the thread elsewhere
  • While Ambassadors aren’t full moderators with the ability to edit or delete other people’s posts, we’ll be relying on you to guide your fellow community members and flag questionable posts so that our moderators can review them.
  • Guiding Members
    • As new members join the forum, please show them the ropes.
    • You can post replies to offer gentle guidance when appropriate to help people:
      • Understand the Community Guidelines
      • Understand the forum search function and how to avoid duplicate posts
      • Understand how to select the correct category for their post
      • Understand why they shouldn’t post screenshots of lab results (except in the private ADAPT Practitioner area) due to the concern that a patient name might sneak through and patient confidentiality would be violated
      • Understand how to reference the Help Center for support and provide relevant links to Help Center articles
  • Flagging Posts
    • When you see a clear violation of guidelines, or when someone has refused to listen to your guidance, you can flag a post. Flag posts that contain things like:
      • Negative or unprofessional comments toward other community members (civil disagreement is OK, personal attack is not)
      • Graphic, obscene, explicit, abusive, racist, or defamatory comments
      • Links/attachments/screenshots of proprietary course materials such as handouts, transcripts, and diagnostic or treatment protocols from the ADAPT Framework Level One course, or from any other educational organization
      • Lab screenshots (outside of the private ADAPT Practitioners area)
      • Advertisements for products or services, including affiliate links, coupon codes, or offers
      • Surveys or polls that generate little or no value to discussions
    • We’ll also rely on you to help maintain a certain level of tidiness in the forum. Please flag posts when people:
      • Start a topic in the wrong category
      • Cross-post the same thing in multiple topics
      • Post no-content replies
      • Divert a topic by changing it midstream
  • Private Messages
    • Please do not answer member customer support questions by private message. If someone messages you with a complaint or needs help with their account, please pass that message along to the KI Staff privately.

Private Ambassador Forum

Questions? If you aren’t sure about a particular type of post, or just want to let the KI staff about something, you can post it in the private Ambassador area of the forum.  KI staff will respond to your queries there, so there is no need to email us directly. After you have enrolled in the Academy and visited the forum for the first time, please request access to the private area by clicking the button below. (Note: we can’t grant you access until after you have visited the forum at least once, so please do that first.)

Request Access

Ambassador Training Video

Please watch the video below to get brief overview of the forum and how to use it.

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