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Coaching Supervision

Registration Fee: $75

The purpose of Coaching Supervision is to provide for continuous professional development through reflection and dialogue in a safe, supportive, and confidential space. During the Supervision session, the participating coaches will be given the opportunity to share case studies, questions, successes, and challenges from their work with their clients. This course is a 90-minute graduate-style seminar for eight students under the supervision of a Mentor Coach.

Overall, the focus of each session is on continuous learning, growth, and development of the coach, which would result ultimately in more advanced competence. The participants will engage and interact through group discussion and the sharing of ideas and potential resources. Interactive discussions may include:

  • Case studies of a coach’s work with a particular client and/or involving a specific session
  • Patterns and themes that are emerging as success stories or are challenging a coach’s effectiveness
  • Observations and experiences shared from “real world” coaching relationships

All participants are encouraged and expected to participate in the discussion.

Each 90-minute session is a stand-alone offering and requires registration for that session.

Course Rationale

As coaches begin their journey through coaching, they often encounter unfamiliar situations and challenges. Through supervision, coaches have a safe space to explore how to provide the highest quality service for their clients—especially as questions arise in regards to skills, tools, red flags, and ethics. By thinking through these questions with others, including a more experienced mentor coach, newer coaches can develop additional expertise and confidence that will help them to care for their clients and themselves. In addition, supervision will help coaches stay aware and engaged with the evolving profession of coaching and will help them to reflect on their own habits (effective and ineffective) as they continue to develop their skill.

Course/Learner Objectives

As a result of this course, participants will:

  • Deepen their coaching skills through participation in discussion of real-life coaching situations
  • Understand ethical challenges and engage in methodology to address these challenges
  • Identify red flags and be able to address them appropriately with their clients
  • Develop in-the-moment coaching skill that can be applied across multiple contexts

Intended Audience

Graduates of the ADAPT Functional Health Coaching program as well as students of the program who have completed the midterm and are currently enrolled in the Practicum phase. Students need to be currently working with clients to attend.

Course Prerequisites

Completion of the ADAPT Functional Health Coaching midterm examination.

Course Requirements

Attendance at the live session is required. To protect the privacy of course participants and their clients, this session will not be recorded.

Course Instructors

The Mentor Coaches of the ADAPT Functional Health Coach program.

Course Refund Policy

Refunds will be granted upon request up to four weeks before the first class of your session.

Course Logistics

One 90-minute session with a maximum of eight students.

Current Course Offerings

There are no sections available at this time. Please check back in a few weeks.

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