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Health Coach

This role focuses on facilitating the Kaia coaching experience; guiding users to achieve their health goals, responding to their individual needs, and using Intrinsic Methodologies to support them in gaining clarity.  Multiple touch points with each coachee across various types of communication channels while driving retention.  Supporting end-users in navigating the Kaia app from a technology standpoint.  Receiving and recording warm transfer referral details and tracking them in coaching and CRM platforms.  Tracking coach session notes explicitly within the Kaia Dashboard for proper record keeping in line with that required by any “medical device” or service.  Using the Kaia Coaching Philosophy as a basis for effective and meaningful coaching, including individually tailored SMART goals that reinforce the automaticity of Kaia as a habit.  Supporting customer success by identifying the participant’s needs and relaying program details and requirements to elicit new thinking and habit change.  Being highly knowledgeable about Kaia products, therapies, and types of support offered.

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